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Event Videos

It was my wish that all those unable to attend Ann's memorial event would be given as much of an opportunity to share the experience as possible. The creative team has done a nice job under difficult conditions to record and edit the following videos. There are 5 presentations on major stages in Ann's life, followed by a compilation of thoughts and reflections from many of those in attendance.

Ann’s Childhood by Mary Jo O’Brien
High School and College by Dorian Winterfeld
Working Girl by Diane Sweeney
Stepmother by Katelyn Kresse-Smith
The Last 5 Years by Glenn Towle
Thoughts and Reflections by Family, Friends, and Colleagues

I’d like to thank the creative team for all their hard work, including:
Tameka Harris - Interviewer and videographer
Ben Jancewicz and the staff at Zerflin - Post production editing and project coordination
Butch Fleischer of MTC - Web development and event technical support

Ann Elsen

August 25, 1961 – March 1, 2014

A life well lived.